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Medical Doctor
Internal Medicine Specialist
Lecturer in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Fabio Lodo has a great experience in chinese medicine gained through daily clinical practice and his continuous updates in Europe, China and the United States. Dr. Lodo carries out Acupuncture sessions in Milan at the Sowen Medical Center and Acupuncture School..

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Il mio percorso formativo comprende l’esperienza ospedaliera derivata dalla specializzazione in Medicina Interna unita ad uno studio approfondito della Medicina Cinese sia in Italia che all’estero, compiuto con grande passione e serietà.


Il mio sistema mette a disposizione dei pazienti le competenze della medicina occidentale integrate a quelle della medicina cinese, forte di un approfondito studio dei testi antichi unitamente ad una consistente esperienza clinica.


L’interesse per la medicina cinese e della cultura che l’ha generata mi fa sentire responsabile della sua conservazione. Per questo cerco di condividerla con tutte le persone desiderose di avvicinarsi alle meraviglie del Celeste Impero.

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My Philosophy

I believe that today there is a need for authentic Chinese medicine, able to offer consistent results and live up to the expectations of those seeking help in this millenary tradition.

In order to reach the root of this knowledge, a constant commitment in the study of Chinese culture, their language and their ancient medical and humanistic texts is necessary.

This approach offers the indisputable advantage of the context in the interpretation of an ancient but extraordinarily current medicine, built on a thought far from the Western one but perhaps for this very reason it is so precious nowaday.

The Clinic

The chinese tradition has always recognized that places have their own energy. The art of Feng Shui allows us to use it to our advantage to create a special place.

This is why I founded in the heart of the city of Milan a place for healing but also for recharging, an oasis that has a unique energy that can be made available to patients and therapists in the common healing process.


Studying Chinese Medicine led me to play a role in its teaching. Since 2015 I have been collaborating with the US company ATS engaged in the conservation and dissemination of traditional Chinese knowledge and since 2017 I have been teaching in Italy at the So-Wen School in Milan where I participate in the training of new acupuncturists.

In my daily clinical activity I work closely with Dr. Giacomo Mamberto, Osteopath DO with whom I love to discuss the more structural aspects of pathologies and Dr. Ilaria Protopapa, who is also a medical doctor expert in nutrition, for a more complete care of the health of my patients.


My Method

Distant experiences, China and the United States, the work in the Clinic of Internal Medicine in the Pavia hospital, the time always too little spent with good teachers.

It is difficult to summarize in a few words that process of synthesis of different teachings that distinguishes my method. I try to show it to you with a video. Provo a mostrarvelo con un video.

What my clients say

From the moment I walk in the door until I walk out again, I know that I am in great hands with Dott. Lodo.

His approach is thoughtful and gentle, and he is always willing to respond to my questions about the processes and techniques he uses.

After more than 4 years of sciatic pain, I have found relief and openness in my body again. I’m grateful!


Mary M.

My experience with Dr. Lodo was great. What I appreciate most is his honest approach toward treatment.

Addressing my specific issue took two treatments, and he did not try to take advantage by recommending more visits.

I highly recommend Dr. Lodo.


Robin C.

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